We are dreamers, we are risk takers, we are a team, we are BAT, and we are committed. It sounds simple, but it is quite complex. We RE-started a few years ago with a shared vision of what architecture shouldn’t be. 

Back then, we faced a new emerging reality, one where the mechanisms to be utilized in order to succeed had changed. Therefore, our very first project was designing the structure of the company, the relationship between partners, collaborators and other agents of the industry. We were 10 times smaller then. 

Today, we operate in 3 different markets, (architecture & engineering, interior design, and construction) across multiple scales, and in several countries. We have new partners, and we are in the process of expanding BAT to other countries. This is the ongoing history of a company that wants to learn, discover, research, grow and of course: have fun.  We are ready for the next chapter, and we want to share it with you. 


CEO. Partner.


Our Team is constantly looking for motivated, talented and involved members. We integrate our new components as an essential piece of the lineup, as we believe that our projects cannot be understood without the effort of the whole family. BAT was born with the ambitious will to raise a new perspective to face contemporary challenges and common concerns, and we know that the first step is putting together an extraordinary and unique team that pursues this dream. Please, do not hesitate to drop us a line if you share the BAT mentality and want to continue with us this boundless journey. We promise a good atmosphere and freshly brewed coffee.

    .Find us

    Bilbao Headquarters

    Gran Vía 2, 7th floor
    48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia (Spain)

    [email protected]
    P +34 946 077 857

    Interior Design Showroom

    Juan de Ajuriaguerra 10
    48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia (Spain)

    [email protected]
    P +34 944 231 910

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