We are dreamers, we are risk takers, we are a team, we are BAT, and we are committed. It sounds simple, but it is quite complex. We RE-started a few years ago with a shared vision of what architecture shouldn’t be. 

Back then, we faced a new emerging reality, one where the mechanisms to be utilized in order to succeed had changed. Therefore, our very first project was designing the structure of the company, the relationship between partners, collaborators and other agents of the industry. We were 10 times smaller then. 

Today, we operate in 3 different markets, (architecture & engineering, interior design, and construction) across multiple scales, and in several countries. We have new partners, and we are in the process of expanding BAT to other countries. This is the ongoing history of a company that wants to learn, discover, research, grow and of course: have fun.  We are ready for the next chapter, and we want to share it with you. 


CEO. Partner.




Founder. CEO.
Over 25 awards in national and international projects recognise Peru’s creativity, technical knowledge and project leadership. With more than 20 years of professional practice, Peru started directing his own Company in Madrid at the early age of 27, designing and building more than 25 architectural projects during his first years of activity. Now, Peru´s vast experience guides the Team and defines the overall strategy of BAT, while his ambition pushes the brand around the globe.


Chief Commercial Officer.
After leading a staff of 40 people in a previous company and executing over 800 retail refurbishments, Juan Miguel joined BAT to share his national and international experience and know-how. During his daily work he explains our brand’s services to potential customers.


Founder. Project Manager.
With more than 20 years practicing team sports, Xabier transmits strong values to the company. He clearly sees that a well thought-out strategy plays a vital role to achieve each project goals. As our project manager, Xabier splits his time between the office and field, overseeing each step of the construction process. He transforms our designs into reality always keeping in safe customer's requirements by interacting with engineers, contractors and construction personnel.
alejandro iturbe


Founder. Interior Design Manager.
Thanks to his striking taste for design, Alejandro has had a major role in the company’s esthetical work. Combining this virtue with his ability to manage projects, he is focused on monitoring all the interior designs and also maintains a close relationship with our clients.


Administration Department.
Ruth is part of the essential machinery behind BAT. She stands in the shadows, looking at the project from an external perspective and making sure everything is in order. Her previous experiences helping grow different companies has guided BAT to successfully achieve new goals.


Architecture Department.
Luis has an in-depth knowledge of furniture. He is the requested man when our designers need very specific pieces. His smell and good taste for composition, combined with a wide culture of classic and contemporary designs play an essential role in the final stages of our services.


Architecture Department.
As a construction lover, Juan deals with the daily progress on site. He uses his strong interpersonal relationship skills to lead and mediate between all the professionals and clients involved in the process.


Architecture Department.
Marta is part of BAT’s creative wing. She is an extrovert workmate with consistent design criterion. Marta’s proactive attitude helps her to fluently embrace new design challenges.


Project Director.
Martín is in charge of the drafting of the most relevant projects and oversees the rest of the office´s architectural works. His skills to design layouts and to propose inner workings of buildings brings an essential technical vision to the team.


Office Manager.
Igor keeps the house in order. He organizes the working team’s tasks and ensures that the global goals are being achieved. His experience as a project director, along with his methodical and organized working method, calms down the office’s daily whirlwind.


Architecture Department.
Laura works aesthetics and cost management simultaneously. She has worked together with some of the most relevant interior designers of the territory, allowing her to grow as a remarkable professional.


Administration Department.
Mariana is in charge of daily paperwork and bureaucratic procedures. She filters all non-architectural and design works, letting the rest of the team focus on their specific tasks. She is the key piece between BAT, our collaborating companies and our clients.


Architecture department
Mirian has remarkable experience on site and easily leads the workers to achieve the goals defined on the design stages.  She has justifiably gained the nickname of “The On Site Troubleshooter”.


Architecture Department.
Mario is the link between the design department and the execution stage. He struggles to ensure that the essential idea of the project is preserved during detailed definition stages, and he deeply believes BIM is the key to achieve it.


Architecture Department.
Verónica continued her architecture university studies with a master’s degree in remodeling. She is particularly concerned about the smallest details of a project and is meticulous, although she likes to spend her free time boxing.


National Expansion Manager.
Thanks to an extensive professional career and having been in charge of a construction company for 22 years, Jokin brings a deep knowledge of construction and the phases developed on each project. He easily understands the needs and concerns a client might have when facing a new work.


Our Team is constantly looking for motivated, talented and involved members. We integrate our new components as an essential piece of the lineup, as we believe that our projects cannot be understood without the effort of the whole family. BAT was born with the ambitious will to raise a new perspective to face contemporary challenges and common concerns, and we know that the first step is putting together an extraordinary and unique team that pursues this dream. Please, do not hesitate to drop us a line if you share the BAT mentality and want to continue with us this boundless journey. We promise a good atmosphere and freshly brewed coffee.

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