Oxinburu Cultural Centre

“The aim of the building is to offer a differentiated reading of the new and the inherited one.”

Oxinburu was born as a building with a clear residential character an it is located in the center of Arrankudiaga with very attractive panoramic views. In our attempt to turn it into a Cultural facility, new needs arise to respond to, such as the natural lighting. The solution is formalized through the arrangement of large-glazed strips that bathe both, the meeting space around the main staircase and the multifunctional space under the roof. On the other hand, this building aims to promote interaction between users and create new synergies, promoting coexistence between groups of different ages within the same space complemented with garden areas, like small oasis within the building. The differentiated reading of the new and the inherited is materialized using folded sheets of steel interspersed with large strips of glass.

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