BAT Architecture

Bilbao and BAT share a bond that goes well beyond the mere location of our headquarters.


BAT was formed by a group of young people from Bilbao who experienced firsthand the miraculous transformation of their city. The decline of the 1980’s brought a severe economic crisis, a catastrophic flood, and pockets of violence, but Bilbao managed to change course in time. The city won the LEE KUAN YEW urban prize in 2010 and that same year, BAT was born.


Thus, the history of Bilbao and its transformation profoundly shapes our architectural knowledge. We are built on resilience, the struggle against the elements,  the commitment to sustainable innovation, and the need to continuously reinvent ourselves to envision the multicultural cities of the future.


The Bilbao philosophy that we practice is the example of coexistence amongst differences. It is the mixture of values in the context of diversity that allows us to adapt to any place in the world without imposing our own ideas. We study the roots and we nurture their growth towards future innovation. Our contribution is to become companions in this long journey. 

BAT is the acronym of Bilbao Architecture Team but also, the word bat (bæt), in our language (the oldest in Europe and one of the oldest in the world) means ONE.

The 1 for us represents:

  • Our philosophy when we carry out your projects. For BAT, each project is a unique, shared experience. We will be by your side every step of the way.
  • A team of 30 people who act as one, with a fluidity that allows us to continuously adapt to the market while providing a new strategic vision.

During our 10+ years of professional practice, we have been awarded more than 20 first prizes in architectural competitions and our work has been published in specialized magazines across Europe, America and Asia. In 2012, Bat was selected as one of the best young architecture offices in Spain.


We have already sown trust and empathy with our customers in 15 countries and in 2019, we will expand our scope of action with the opening of offices in 2 strategic countries: USA and South Africa.

We are mobile architecture with open source: there is always something to learn, a new place to travel or a new social concept to project. It is not just our experience in architecture nor our successes that we bring to the table. We are absolutely certain that knowing how to swim against the current is our greatest value, the one that will continue to differentiate us while we design the future at your side.

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