120 Housing Units

“Form and old furniture factory to the new corporate image of the school”

Technical Data:

  • Bilbao, 43º14'57.16"N 2º55'50.00"O
  • Status: built
  • Built area: 9,000 sqm
  • Client: Urretxindorra School


Located in the heart of Bilbao, the refurbishment of Urretxindorra School’s old building is the second step of the school’s recent expansion. The building originally was a furniture factory, but during the mid seventies, the school was founded after a use change. After several years, due to space requirements, the main volume was expanded. The refurbishment aims to unify all this wide variety of architectural elements and different spaces, using the new corporate image and including the new color palette that helps to identify the building’s areas depending on the students’ age.

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