Goizko House

“A delicate and fragile renovation that demands high precision surgical exercise”

The Goizko House is located in the heart of the Oma Valley, inside the Urdaibai Biosphere (Busturialdea, Spain). The house, wich is a 150-year-old farmhouse listed as a historical heritage building of Urdaibai, is mainly formed by stone walls and oak wood structural elements. These type of farmhouses (known in the local culture as Baserris) are the typical Basque countryside buildings. Due to their historical value, the Baserris have become one of the main symbols of the local culture. These farmhouses were inhabited by large humble families (up to 8-12 people) that lived from livestock and agriculture. Nowadays lots of Baserris are a tourist attraction and their owners have made refurbishments to adapt them to the contemporary comfort standars.

The day zone is the most significant area of the refurbishment, where part of the ceiling has been demolished to obtain a second-level space in the lounge. This new volumen is reflected in the exterior with a large double height opening that breaks the traditional baserri scheme of the epoch.

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