S House

Program: Interior Design

Status: Ongoing

Client: Private

Built Area: 520 sqm

“The beauty, art, and tradition of Africa in decoration”
Stepping into a country like the Republic of Senegal requires thoughtful reflection and a leisurely immersion into the local culture. In a few words: originality, colour, dynamics, energy, expression and contrast define this project in the capital of the most Westernised country on the African continent. On the one hand, this space is wrapped with minimalism through the simplicity of shapes and on the other hand, tribal art expression is praised both in the decoration and its textures. This contrast brings forth the brilliance of the colours in the accessories and textiles. Inspired by the scorching sun, the desert sands and the jungle, the colours in the interior of this home have been determined respectively by tones like sandy brown, terra cotta, orange, yellow, grey brick and even marsh green.
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