Goen Farmhouse

Program: Residential

Status: Ongoing

Client: Private

Year: 2020

Built Area: 690 sqm

“Luxury and exclusivity within the traditional rural context”
This spectacular farmhouse rests imposingly in the rural surroundings of Gipuzkoa, between vast grassy hills. What was once the home of a noble family (as evidenced by the coat of arms that is preserved on the main facade) has become, in recent years, a warehouse to shelter livestock. Our team understands this project as an exercise to rethink a unique and valuable historical structure and adapt it to today’s standards and needs. The interior is redistributed, spatial relationships are modified, and all materials are cleaned up. But maintaining the rustic essence of the traditional Basque baserri is a premise, including much of the decoration, furniture and finishes. Elements of contemporary furniture stand out in this predominantly traditional style as if they were carefully chosen museum pieces.

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